More on Reeve Whitson

Peter Heitmann writes:

Regarding Reeve Whitson, here are a few more details:

1) A paragraph from the Heart of the Storm A Novel of Men and Women in the Gulf War – L. H. Burruss –

The book discusses military operations in the early 1990s in Iraq, where a Master Sergeant Reeve Whitson is mentioned as a “bagpipe playing Scotsman, who demanded absolute loyalty to the team, and who thought that raw courage was the only requirement to being a soldier, and had a chest full of medals from Panama and Vietnam to prove it”.

Whitson is also shown to be a liaison officer for Eisenhower in the 1950s.

2) in the early 1960s, Reeve Whitson was a Business Manager for a publishing /photography company in Paris that gave him a proper cover for his intelligence operations in Europe . The following book about the Nazis, published in 1961 shows this fact on page 1 where the title and name of Reeve Whitson appears.

3) The intersection of military intelligence, Hollywood and the mob runs directly into the Linkletter family, who were involved in a myriad of legitimate and no so much legit businesses. The FBI files tell a clear story of the Linkletter circle of characters, including LA/San Diego mob bosses who wanted to exact revenge on Art Linkletter for a $100k double cross in their truck hauling business. The mobsters were told that Linkletter is untouchable by none other than Sidney Korshak, and the FBI recorded all of it, including the fact that the FBI discovered these mobsters were in the payroll of the Linkletters other companies. They even interviewed Jack Linkletter about this, and he denied knowing anything about it, before the investigation was quashed, as all activities by Art Linkletter and Sidney Korshak were off limits to law enforcement prosecutors. That is because both of them were part of the SuperMob, a group of individuals that brought politicians, criminal activity by government and organized crime, together, as well as controlling most union activities on the West Coast.

4) Robert and Art Linkletters participation in both playing and producing Surf Music and then Folk music is much greater that has been previously discussed. Here is the Terry Melcher and family connection with both Robert (Bob) Linkletter, and the Melcher connection as husband of Sharon Linkletter. In fact, after Roberts alleged car crash in 1980, Sharon Melcher is assigned as Trustee to dispose of Robert Linkletters assets and possessions.

And then there is the fact that on the night before the 1968 election, Richard Nixon secretly flew to Texas with Art Linkletter on Linkletter’s private jet.

There is so much more to the Linkletter connection, including an interesting Island in Canada operated and run by Linkletter associates and frequented by Allan Dulles and other nefarious characters in the 1950s and 1960s. The subjects of Manson, JFK, Zodiac, Sirhan Sirhan, MLK etc. ALL have a common Toronto/ Canadian link with drugs , musicians and hypnotic programming and mind altering used for ongoing Intelligence Operations.

There are many interesting documents, articles and photos, some of which contain most of the answers to the questions posed by Marie P. Vigil in her letters that was previously posted. Watch for future posts on this blog.

Author: William Weston

Researcher of conspiracies for over 25 years. Among articles written are "On the Death of JFK: Spider’s Web at the Trade Mart" and "The USS Indianapolis Conspiracy."

24 thoughts on “More on Reeve Whitson”

  1. Hello William. Interesting article about the mysterious Reeve Whitson. Can you tell me where you or Peter Heitmann found information on Whitson being a liason officer in the Eisenhower administration? Thank you. Paul Hart


    1. The Burruss novel appears to be the only source for Whitson being a liaison officer for Eisenhower. Even though he puts it in a fictional context, the author might be reporting a real encounter with the man. A detailed review of the book and what it has to say about Whitson will someday become a post on this blog.


      1. Thanks William. And do you know where the info about Naval Intelligence being involved with the Manson Family murders came from? Is this from the old Paul Krassner story about a Naval Intelligence office Charles Winans befriending Tex Watson? Thanks again. Paul


  2. Charles Winans sued Paul Krassner and Rolling Stone for saying that Winans coordinated the attack on Sharon Tate and her friends. Mae Brussell announced on her radio show April 16, 1978 that she was going to be a witness in the trial. Shortly afterwards, Winans dropped his suit. The failure of Winans to pursue his lawsuit further demonstrates that Krassner was correct in asserting that an agent operating under the umbrella of naval intelligence was involved in the Tate-LaBianca killings.

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    1. Thanks William. Very interesting. Naval intelligence always interested me in the Manson case. Can you e-mail me at ? I want to share with you what I’ve found concerning a direct link between Louis Jolyon West and the Office of Naval Reseach (Naval Intelligence). Thanks again, Paul


      1. William. It is interesting that the ONR (Office of Naval Research) funded and sponsored Dr. Jose Delgado’s work concerning radio wave guidance in “remote” mind control. This research was soon joined by Dr. Louis Jolyon West in the MK-Ultra subproject 95 using RHIC-EDOM technology. I can show the documents from a lawsuit brought by the organization, Vietnam Veterans of America which claims that project used US military personnel as test subjects. Why would Naval Intelligence be interested in remote mind control? And does it apply to the Manson case at all?


    2. William. Do you have the audio for that April 16, 1978 episode of Mae Brussell’s show where she discussed the Charles Winans lawsuit against Paul Krassner?
      I think the show number is #317. Thanks!!


      1. I have listened to the the program you mentioned and the one prior. Very Interesting! I made a transcript of Brussell’s comment in the earlier broadcast. As follows:

        “There is an article in New West, a brief mention of a big lawsuit that’s going to be coming up. It’s a $450 million lawsuit by Charles Winans against Rolling Stone. It has to do with an article Paul Krassner wrote for Rolling Stone, making allegations about Charles Winans, a man who was living on the Monterey Peninsula, a neighbor of mine. New West said there were four sources for information on this story. One is Kenneth Ross, who told Paul Krassner certain pieces of information about Charles Winans and then backed down and probably was wrong; Sue Atkins, who talked with Paul and then she denied what she had said. The third one was Louise James, and New West described her as not being a credible witness, and then the fourth is Mae Brussell. So there is a $450 million lawsuit coming up, and the primary witness is going to be Mae Brussell. The attorneys for Rolling Stone are same law firm that represents the Rockefeller combine. They’re up in San Francisco. The attorney for Charles Winans is going to be none other than Melvin Belli. I really welcome meeting Melvin Belli in court. I met him at a lecture and asked him questions about Jack Ruby, because I know Belli worked for the CIA. I am very anxious to meet him head on in court. It will be an interesting trial. I think it will be up in San Francisco around June, if it isn’t settled out of court. Next week on Dialogue Conspiracy I am going into details about Louise James, and the mind control of Louise James, and why she was forced out as a witness and therefore she cannot be presentable in court as supporting the allegations that she made at the time she made them.”

        Paul, do you happen to know what happened with the trial? Was it settled out of court?


      2. Thanks William for the transcript of show #316. Mae went into a little bit about the star witness (Louise James) who was put into a psychiatric hospital before the trial started. Very suspicious. Krassner said in a Berkeley Barb interview that Louise James was claiming to be a political prisoner in that hospital (which wasn’t named). I would love to get audio or a transcript of show #317… because that’s the episode where Mae goes into much more detail about the Charles Winans Vs. Paul Krassner and Rolling Stone trial. I don’t know if the case actually went to trial. But Krassner was forced to stop using Winans name in subsequent articles. Mae also just used the pseudonym Nathaniel Dight.
        Tom O’Neill has contacted Krassner’s widow to see if she has any further info about the trial and any evidence presented in it. Anyway, if you get a hold of episode #317, let me know. It’s not online anywhere. THANKS AGAIN.


  3. I have purchased and read the Burriss book from cover to cover. There is nothing in the book regarding Whitson being a liaison officer for Eisenhower. So to answer your question, Paul, I do not know where Peter got his information.


  4. I came across reference to a Reeve Whitson in the papers of Eisenhower’s Treasury Secretary, Robert B. Anderson. The Treasury Dept, of course, was head of the US Secret Service, at that time.

    A Strange and Wild Place, by Sandra Macpherson c.2004
    pg207 (in 1982)
    An entrepeneur from America had asked Ian to find a location in Scotland for the remake of the film Brigadoon. … After numerous lengthy telephone calls from the States, Reeve came to stay at Glentrium. pg212
    All those who had any sort of dealings with Reeve Whitson had been well and truly conned. … Reeve, we discovered, was a clever man; it was said that he was once in the Special Services and had worked with Bruce Lee, the top exponent of Kung Fu. Also, it was even thought that Reeve had been Eisenhower’s bodyguard! He certainly knew how to play one person off against the other.
    …Reeve would never allow his photograph to be taken, and had no cheque book, but only wads of cash in his pocket. His identity was dubious; indeed I heard someone describe him as a ‘non-person’.


    1. Thank you, Sam. Great comment!

      Interesting note on Bruce Lee. He tutored Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring, which makes it hard to believe that three young ladies and a Texan could easily overcome and dominate two people skilled in martial arts. Were they drugged prior to the entry of Manson’s killers?

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  5. “The book discusses military operations in the early 1990s in Iraq, where a Master Sergeant Reeve Whitson …”

    Reeve would have been 60 at the time, so this likely not the same Reeve Whitson.


    1. Reeve Whitson is certainly an unusual choice for the name of a minor character hardly mentioned in a novel. In spite of his age, I can still however believe that the real Reeve Whitson might have played some kind of special operations role in the first Iraq war.

      Interesting side note: There is a video game entitled “Call me Reeve Whitson” Call of Duty Black Ops. The action takes place during the Vietnam War.

      What’s next? A series on Netflix?

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  6. Sam and William. On the title page of Lewis Burruss’ book, HEART OF THE STORM, it says “This book is a work of fiction. While some of the characters ACTUALLY EXISTED, their actions and dialogue are products of the author’s imagination.”
    Burruss wrote what he called “non-fiction novels”. He would create fictional stories, but use the names of real people he knew. So while Reeve Whitson is inserted into a story about Desert Storm in 1991… he was actually someone Burruss knew during his adventures in Latin America in the mid-70s to early 80s as part of the super-secret Delta Force.
    In Burruss’ biography it says he was involved with “classified operations” with Delta Force in Central America starting in 1976. Delta Force worked in conjunction with the CIA. That’s how Burruss knew Whitson… not in Iraq. This jibes with what Kenneth Rijock sates on his blog site about Reeve Whitson being involved with classified CIA operations in Panama before and during Iran-Contra.

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  7. “…it was even thought that Reeve had been Eisenhower’s bodyguard!”

    Oddly enough, there seems to be a US Secret Service connection to the Manson story:

    Confessions of an ex-Secret Service Agent: The Marty Venker Story by George Rush c.1988 pg112
    “Back in 1970, when I was working in Los Angeles, I used to climb the steps of the Federal Building and pass a woman who’d carved X’s into her forehead. She was holding a vigil for Charles Manson, who was standing trial inside for the murder of actress Sharon Tate and eight others. Even before the murders, Manson’s hatred of Richard Nixon had earned him a Secret Service interrogation. The woman on the steps was Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme. Squeaky and I developed a relationship. She called me a pig and I’d tell here to stick it up her ass.”

    If the Secret Service really did interview Manson, I wonder if it was actually in relation to forged U.S. currency:

    One of the primary missions of the Secret Service (at that time part of the Treasury Department) is to investigate and stop the counterfeiting of US currency. According to author Ed Sanders, Charlie was friends with a counterfeiter he met in prison:

    The Family by Ed Sanders, c.1971
    “Two jail buddies of Charlie from Terminal Island lived with Charlie on the Haight during the summer of love, 1967. One of them was the legendary Danny M., a skilled counterfeiter. Family members would brag that Danny’s twenty-dollar bills were 96 percent perfect, on the average, whereas the U.S. Treasury’s were only 94 percent on the simulacral scale.”

    I filed a FOIA request with the USSS, and they sent me a 38 page file. It did not note any relationship with Charlie until long after TLB. Though they interviewed him in prison in 1983, 1984, 1994, 1996, and 2005. Clearly, there was some kind of relationship.

    The point is is that Reeve Whitson might have become involved with Manson as part of his duties as a Secret Service Agent, not as a CIA agent. Though the difference is probably academic.


    1. Thanks SC. I know about these Reeve Whitson files in the Robert B. Anderson papers. Anderson was a known handler of CIA operatives in the late 60s and 70s. It’s in Joseph Trento’s book, Secret History of the CIA.


      1. The Reeve Whitson correspondence with Robert B. Anderson makes reference to banks in Panama and transferring funds to “freedom fighter” (the Contras) in Nicaragua. Also using Air America (an airline associated with the CIA) in Vietnam during Operation Phoenix. Anderson only handled CIA operatives (like Miles Copeland and William Zylka) overseas, not inside the US.


  8. Regarding Charles Winans….

    Interesting enough there is a website by Charles Winans friend who rented out the log cabin in the 1960’s with a photo of Winans there…. Not sure if he was Tex’s handler but they give mention to “Tex watson coming knocking at the log cabin but they did not let him in” obviously before he met Manson. Winans was not Navy though he was in the Air Force possibly operating out of the Lookout Mountain Air force base that was hidden in Laurel Canyon… Winans had strong ties with Vito Paulekas who had a group commune of his own very similar to the Manson family before Paulekas suddenly vanished from LA right before Manson arrived.. Photos online of Winans if you know where to look show him dressed as a beatnik in the late 50’s early 60’s then instantly dressed has a “freak” (first hippies in LA) a short time later. Winans also has a strong family military and law enforcement background with his family being the first Texas Rangers. He also has strong music ties… stating he was the manger of Frank Zappa and other mid 60’s groups that hovered around the Log Cabin. By the time the Manson murders took place Winans was relocated in Sonoma county, which is known that manson and family members always took trips to northern california.

    One more thing regarding Reeve whitson as reported by Tom O’neill he has a strong friendship with Bill Sharman but Reeve idolized Sharman referring to him in an article as “A prince among men” obviously being from Indiana and a huge basketball fan. Reeve was identified briefly in this article by a woman as to asking her out for Bill Sharman and also being a sports agent to two LA lakers players in the 80’s during the time Bill sharman was their general manager. Saying it struck her odd that a sports agent and general manger were such close friends.


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