More on Reeve Whitson

Peter Heitmann writes:

Regarding Reeve Whitson, here are a few more details:

1) A paragraph from the Heart of the Storm A Novel of Men and Women in the Gulf War – L. H. Burruss –

The book discusses military operations in the early 1990s in Iraq, where a Master Sergeant Reeve Whitson is mentioned as a “bagpipe playing Scotsman, who demanded absolute loyalty to the team, and who thought that raw courage was the only requirement to being a soldier, and had a chest full of medals from Panama and Vietnam to prove it”.

Whitson is also shown to be a liaison officer for Eisenhower in the 1950s.

2) in the early 1960s, Reeve Whitson was a Business Manager for a publishing /photography company in Paris that gave him a proper cover for his intelligence operations in Europe . The following book about the Nazis, published in 1961 shows this fact on page 1 where the title and name of Reeve Whitson appears.

3) The intersection of military intelligence, Hollywood and the mob runs directly into the Linkletter family, who were involved in a myriad of legitimate and no so much legit businesses. The FBI files tell a clear story of the Linkletter circle of characters, including LA/San Diego mob bosses who wanted to exact revenge on Art Linkletter for a $100k double cross in their truck hauling business. The mobsters were told that Linkletter is untouchable by none other than Sidney Korshak, and the FBI recorded all of it, including the fact that the FBI discovered these mobsters were in the payroll of the Linkletters other companies. They even interviewed Jack Linkletter about this, and he denied knowing anything about it, before the investigation was quashed, as all activities by Art Linkletter and Sidney Korshak were off limits to law enforcement prosecutors. That is because both of them were part of the SuperMob, a group of individuals that brought politicians, criminal activity by government and organized crime, together, as well as controlling most union activities on the West Coast.

4) Robert and Art Linkletters participation in both playing and producing Surf Music and then Folk music is much greater that has been previously discussed. Here is the Terry Melcher and family connection with both Robert (Bob) Linkletter, and the Melcher connection as husband of Sharon Linkletter. In fact, after Roberts alleged car crash in 1980, Sharon Melcher is assigned as Trustee to dispose of Robert Linkletters assets and possessions.

And then there is the fact that on the night before the 1968 election, Richard Nixon secretly flew to Texas with Art Linkletter on Linkletter’s private jet.

There is so much more to the Linkletter connection, including an interesting Island in Canada operated and run by Linkletter associates and frequented by Allan Dulles and other nefarious characters in the 1950s and 1960s. The subjects of Manson, JFK, Zodiac, Sirhan Sirhan, MLK etc. ALL have a common Toronto/ Canadian link with drugs , musicians and hypnotic programming and mind altering used for ongoing Intelligence Operations.

There are many interesting documents, articles and photos, some of which contain most of the answers to the questions posed by Marie P. Vigil in her letters that was previously posted. Watch for future posts on this blog.