Vigil’s Second Letter on RFK Assassination

Peter Heitmann writes:

Here is Mrs. Vigils second letter to LAPD in June 1968. She leaves a lot of clues that I doubt were followed up on by the Police Detectives. Also, in her other letter, she refers to a Jerry or Gerald following her around regarding Mexico. Could be Gerald (Jerry Patrick Hemmings), whose gang was in LA during this time period:

Re-typed below for readability

Woodland Hills June 19 1968

Chief Thomas Reddin,

L.A. Police Dept.

Dear Chief Reddin,

Now that some nice Police Officers are handling the investigation of the Sirhan case, I can admit the possibility of having seen him briefly a few days before his arrest for murder. It was at the Food Fair Market corner of Ventura and Winnetka. As I was waiting in line for checking out I felt someone very near, almost breathing down my neck. I turned around facing a very dark young man who was backing away. He then went to the liquor Dept. Although I had empty bottles to return, I decided not to. (This dark young man reminded me of Keno, the companion of Covelli who is very dead now. Keno, a horse trainer, Sirhan, a stable boy.) As I came out of the market, I saw a young woman of about 22, 5’7 coming out of the liquor Dept. She had on a white dress with purple polka dots and went to a pink car parked near the door of the liquor Dept. I remember mostly her long shapely legs as if she were a dancer. Maybe the girl who turned herself in knew her. Next to the pink car was a gardener’s truck with the driver hiding behind a newspaper. I had seen that particular truck before parked there and thought he was checking on my shopping habits at this market near my home. The truck’s license No. is N 25130. From the back, the driver seemed to be about 40, brown hair and not wearing the clothes gardeners usually wear.

A bullet hole behind the car reminds me of another dead man named Drankhan. Maybe he knew of the planned assassinations of leaders and wanted no part in them. Would this have been the cause of his death? Was he not possibly involved in the electronic rigging of the Friar’s Club, the reason why Ida Devine, (the bag woman from Life Magazine of September ’67) was warning Art at the Valley Music Theatre “so Bill won’t be caught, Bill cannot be there when they come.”

I saw on T.V. Jerry May being interviewed and I must say he is not the mysterious Jerry who did worked for Art Linkletter and possibly the D.A. whole James May was still in jail.

Another influx of Japanese, Linkleter imports maybe? Dentsu Advertising Ltd. of Japan opening L.A. offices,

Respectfully yours,


Mrs. J.G. Vigil