Marie Vigil Letter on RFK Assassination

A reader of this blog, Peter Heitmann, made an important discovery and has passed it along to me. He found a letter from “Mrs. Vigil” of Woodland Hills to the LAPD after the Robert Kennedy Assassination in June 1968. It was put in the “Kook” files and never saw the light of day. The letter is in the Mary Ferrell Archives:

The letter is re-typed below for readability:

Woodland Hills June 10 1968

Chief Thomas Reddin,

L.A. Police Dept.

Dear Chief Reddin,

What happened last week is a crime against humanity. At first I found comfort in the thought that at least I didn’t think anyone I had known had anything to do with it. Then, an old name, W.E.B. Du Bois Club came up. Was this Club founded in memory of a hated mother, as a back-up of Streetcar Named Desire? A Communist Front turning out killers? A fitting way for the son of Blanche Dubois to remember his mother by. Here is the connection between Sirhan and the man known to-day as Linkletter, the Dubois Club. Was he out of town or maybe out of the country and returning after the 6th, the reason for the deadline?

I found interesting and disconcerting the facts that James Ray was in Montreal after his escape from jail last year and in Toronto recently. Linkletter took many trips there within the past five years. Of interest also is the visit to Montreal by Edie Adams soon after the death of Dr. King. Could this glamorous, pregnant woman (I just read she is expecting in August) been carrying the pay-off money?

Jerry or Gerald who did follow me around for at least six months prior to Jame’s escape from jail bears a resemblance only with the old pictures of James Ray. They are about ten years apart in ages. I am inclined to believe that the picture taken in Mexico with dark glasses was the picture of Jerry. Two different men using the same identity.

What would be interesting to find out is if anyone connected with the Export-Import Field the world around has met with accidents within the past year. Now that Jack Trainer, a major exporter of tallow to Japan died in a helicopter crash, will Linkletter be the major exporter of tallow? When he sets up one of his men into business, he makes sure he is to be an instant success.

Does Linkletter own the Harbor? What was Keith Smith bragging about two years ago? Why was an Oriental handed out a contract without competitive bidding there? Why was another Oriental handed out another contract, (Library) again without competitive bidding? Is our new Coroner an Oriental? Also some special investigators, all men in key positions? Is this the way Communists operate? When this country is down, Linkletter will be standing on top of it. It seems he has upgraded himself through killing people. At best, he lies daily on television.

I suggest someone look through those old files of unsolved murder victims starting with Elizabeth Short who died with the initials of Blanche Dubois carved upon her. That’s where we will find the man who can to-day have our leaders killed and destroy our country.

Respectfully yours,

Mrs. Vigil

It appears that the Linkletter she was referring to was not Robert, but his father Art. The references to the W.E.B. Club, Blanche Dubois, and Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia) are mystifying to me. Perhaps readers of this blog can help me follow up on these leads.

Peter Heitmann writes regarding a Marie Vigil relative stationed in Pueblo, Colorado where serial killer Edmund Kemper went to after his murders:

Also, I believe her husband or relative was an Air Force Chaplain stationed in Pueblo, Colorado, which is where another Santa Cruz serial killer, Edmund Kemper, drove to after he killed his mother in Santa Cruz. Supposedly, he then drove to Pueblo Colorado and immediately went to a pay phone and called the Santa Cruz Police to tell them he is the murderer they are looking for and that he is at a payphone in Pueblo, Colorado, where he was promptly arrested and driven back to Santa Cruz by none other than the DA in Santa Cruz, Peter Chang!! When Kemper saw him in Colorado, he said hi Peter, because he knew DA Chang and the entire Santa Cruz PD VERY WELL…

Here is a video of Kemper in court, handing a letter to reporters while handcuffed that was sent to him by CREEP, Nixon’s committee to reelect the President. Watch the entire 2:00 video to the end, including curious comments from his court appointed attorney, the same attorney that “defended” the alleged killer of Dr. Ohta and his family:

Kemper was certainly part of a mind controlled operation that proved successful and useful …. and Mrs. Vigil from Woodland Hills is a interesting player in these crimes… could she be related to Frank Vigil, of CIA Contra Crack/Cocaine fame in the late 70’s and early 80’s in Los Angeles?

Too bad the investigators thought she was a “Kook”.. or did they know who she was already, and had Manny Pena bury her letters in the Kook File of the RFK investigation.

Author: William Weston

Researcher of conspiracies for over 25 years. Among articles written are "On the Death of JFK: Spider’s Web at the Trade Mart" and "The USS Indianapolis Conspiracy."

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